Prayer Storm

What is Prayer Storm?

Prayer Storm is a movement of worship, prayer and fasting crying out to God for a great awakening in our Nation. Believing that intercession is more caught than taught, Prayer Storm events act as a catalyst for people to capture a new zeal for prayer.

It all started off as a prayer meeting, with young people seeking the face of God and embracing the calling to be set apart for Him. We are being stirred to seek His face like never before. Our hunger for reaching more people for Jesus is leading us to a place of prayer and encouraging us to stand in the gap for our nation.

We believe that God wants us to be a people who pray not just because we should, but because it has become a part of our lifestyle, our way of being. There has never been a great move of God that was not first preceded by a great move of Prayer.

“Prayer Storm is a gathering of awakened people who understand there is no shortcut to revival. Prayer causes awakening. There is no other way” – Karen Wheaton, The Ramp, USA 

We Long to see mass mobilisation of young people rising to pray through Prayer Storm and other initiatives like it, catching the heart of God for our nation and calling out to him for revival. We believe we will be part of raising a generation who become radical for God, free of distractions and broken for the lost.

So far, through whole-day events, nights of prayer and other gatherings, God has used Prayer Storm to awaken many young people to a new passion for pray. Although the event is aimed primarily at young people, it’s not just a youth thing. It’s a cry for a Great Awakening in our Nation.

Our aim is to awaken a generation out of spiritual death and religious complacency, calling them to their individual purpose and corporate responsibility as an offensive army imposing the Kingdom of God.

The Vision:

You only have to look around at a ‘Normal’ prayer meeting to realise that young people don’t seem to be catching a passion for prayer. They tend to be mostly older ladies, very few men, virtually no young people.

“Across the world through every generation, radical youth prayer has birthed and maintained every true move of God. Prayer Storm is more than important!” – Andy Hawthorne, The Message Trust, UK

At a youth gathering called The Ramp in the United States, the Lord massively impacted my life and my heart was stirred for prayer in a way it had never been before. Because I was around people that carried a heart of prayer and intercession, I caught something that stirred what was already inside me. I realised: maybe young people are not giving themselves to prayer simply because there’re not around others who are.

The truth is, sometimes you don’t know you’re asleep until you wake up. Until young people get around others carrying this passion, they don’t know how much lukewarm-ness or complacency has got into them. We need to allow a zeal for God to be something that we’re not ashamed of, and just give God everything with our heart and soul, our might and strength.

Young people come with distractions and addictions and leave with the compromise removed from their lives. There’s new focus – they go back to their churches and get involved in prayer. They start prayer groups themselves. That’s what we want to see God do through Prayer Storm. We want to a whole generation catching a heart for prayer because God captures them.

James Aladiran