‘A Call to Fasting and Prayer for the Nation’

Posted 14th Sep 2013

Next Prayer Storm Gathering: November 30, 2013

The next Prayer Storm Gathering will take place on Saturday 30th November from 12 to 7pm in Manchester.

Four years since the first Gathering in 2009, the Prayer Storm movement has rapidly gained momentum with over a thousand people of all ages expected to gather at Audacious Church Manchester on the day.

‘Our starting point is the belief that united fasting and prayer can affect massive change in a nation,’ says Prayer Storm founder and leader James Aladiran.

‘In the book of Joel, the people face judgement because they have turned from God towards sin. Yet he calls them to return, with fasting and weeping, and to call a solemn assembly. As they did, God promised a release of his Spirit.

‘In the same way today, when people gather together, there is tremendous spiritual power released. Every great move of God is preceded by a great move of prayer.’

Rather than the usual three or four sessions spread over a weekend, the November Gathering will consist of one seven-hour session on a single day. And for the first time, all participants will also be encouraged to fast during the day.

‘Fasting isn’t a way of twisting God’s arm into doing something he wouldn’t otherwise do,’ explains James. ‘Fasting actually changes us: it humbles us, awakens and sensitises us to God’s heart for our nation. When we pray out of a place of brokenness, it’s more effective because we realise our true need for God.’

‘We need to see that the only people who can turn the tide in our nation is the church – no one else. It may seem like there is no hope or remedy for our nation, but God has a holy prescription: his people gathering together to pray.’

The day will feature short contributions from James Aladiran and others. Powerful, Spirit-led worship is a key feature of the Gatherings and several bands will serve throughout the day.

The event is free to attend but online registration is required. To register for the Gathering  CLICK HERE 


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